Tuition Fees

We try to make lessons as accessible as we can so we keep fees just under those recommended by the Music Teachers' Association of Queensland (MTAQ).  Daniel, the Prinicipal and Founder of AspirA music is a Professional member of the MTAQ.
For 2018, fees for a half hour individual lesson will be $33; lessons lasting 45 minutes will be $49.50; and lessons for one hour will be $66.
Where the total number of lessons in one family is 90 minutes or higher, a 10% discount will be applied.  Some examples of how his could work are:
  • three family members taking a half hour lesson each
  • two family members learning, one for half an hour and another for an hour
  • one person getting lessons on more than one instrument, with the total number of minutes being 90 or higher.

We also offer two scholarships for students wishing to learn piano but are unable to afford the full cost of lessons.  More information can be found here, or send us an email.

We also offer group theory lessons, which run according to student interest.  Generally, these will run for one or two terms, weekly for 45 minutes or an hour, depending on the grade and age of the students.  Hour lessons will be charged at $45 per student per week, and 45 minute lessons will be $33.75.  There will be an additional cost if the student wishes to sit for an AMEB exam, as set by the AMEB.
Costs for beginner group lessons will be posted as soon as they are finalised.